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This guide will give you tips and information about the popular game. Did you know: it is very likely that roulette was invented in Italy in the 17th century. In the 18th century, the game became popular throughout Europe, especially in France.

In the 70s, roulette was mainly offered in casinos in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. With the rapid spread of the Internet in the mid-90s, the first online casinos were created, resulting in enthusiastic roulette players all over the planet!

This is how you play roulette

The rules in roulette are simple: you just have to place your chips on the square of the table you want to bet on. If you predict the correct color, number, or group of numbers, and the ball is left in the field you bet on, you win!

The correct course of the game is ensured by the complex in-game mechanisms of your online casino. In addition, we usually set the star bets and table limits – so there is a minimum and a maximum of stars that you can bet.

In roulette there are two categories of bets: inside bets and outside bets

Basically, you play in external bets with greater chances to win than in domestic bets. For inside bets, you bet on the numbers in the middle of the table. The winnings are bigger if the ball is right – but the likelihood of this happening is much lower, whether you’re playing in a real casino or online casino .

In roulette there are the following outside bets (on the example of a French casino):

  • Red / Black: In this bet you choose a color . Just put your chips on the red or black box. The Stars payout factor is usually 1: 1 and your chance of winning is 48.6 percent.
  • Even / Odd: In this bet, you choose an even or odd number . Place the chips on the odd (even) or even (even) field. The Stars payout is 1: 1 and your chance of winning is 48.6 percent.
  • Low 18 / High 18: In this bet, you choose the numbers 1-18 or 19-36 . Simply place your chips on the fields of the same name. The Stars payout factor is usually 1: 1 and your chance of winning is 48.6 percent.
  • Columns: In this bet you choose twelve numbers . Simply place the tokens on one of the three matching “2-1” boxes under the column you want to bet on. The Stars payout is 2: 1 and your chance of winning is 32.4 percent.
  • Dozens: Even with this bet, you choose twelve numbers . Simply place your chips on one of the “1 st 12″ (1-12) “2 nd 12″ (13-24) or “3 rd 12″ (25-36). The Stars payout factor is usually 2: 1 and your chance of winning is 32.4 percent.

Roulette has the following inside bets:

  • Transversable simple: A bet on six numbers . Just place the chips between two rows of numbers (on the outer edge). The Stars payout is 5: 1 and your chance of winning is 16.2 percent.
  • Carré: A bet on four numbers . Simply place the chips in the middle of four numbers. The payout factor is 8: 1 and your chance of winning is 10.8 percent.
  • Traversal pleine: A bet with three numbers . Simply place the tokens on the edge of a row of numbers. The Stars payout is 11: 1 and your chance of winning is 8.1 percent.
  • Cheval: A bet with two numbers . Simply place the tokens on a line between two number fields. The payout factor is 17: 1 and your chance of winning is 5.4 percent.
  • Plein: A bet on a number . Just set the chips to your desired number. The Stars payout factor is 35: 1 and your chance of winning is 2.8%.

With the following tips, you play in the casino like an online roulette expert!

  • Although the rules of roulette are simple, the possibilities in this game are endless, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player! As a general rule, a good system or strategy for every mission will bring you more profits! 
    Tip: In order to play successfully online, you should inform yourself about roulette variants such as the “Martingale System” (increasing bet) or the “James Bond System” (playing with different bet types at the same time)!
  • Also note that there are different roulette variants: European Roulette, French Roulette, Pinball Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, Card Roulette or American Roulette, which is especially popular online. 
    Tip : Serious providers like StarGames offer a huge range and roulette games for every taste! You only have to make your choice
  • Many stars cash? Then pay attention to the probability – and that from the first deposit! 
    Tip: You should be aware that in this game you can only improve your chances of winning by keeping chances of winning in mind. But even then Fortuna must be merciful!

Conclusion: Live Roulette is a casino game that offers countless opportunities to have fun and, if lucky enough to dust off stars, or to collect high profits. With StarGames , you have also found a reputable provider that preventsfraud and offers sophisticated online roulette in various forms!

Discover different variants of the classic in the online casino and also make use of one or the other option for a Stars Casino bonus, as these are offered regularly at StarGames (including in the form of bonus codes).

Welcome to the slot paradise!

But that’s not all: Players of the popular casino can not only enjoy roulette online – they can experience real fun at one of the numerous online slots ! Particularly popular are the Casino Games Book of Ra (A Journey to Ancient Egypt!), Sizzling Hot (Flames and Gripping Action!) Or Lucky Ladys Charm (get to know the lucky fairy!). Many a slot also makes progressive jackpots possible! If you like simple opportunities and exciting entertainment, you should also try the casino games Eye of Horus, Lord of the Ocean or Dolphins Pearl – you’ll be amazed!

Best of all : your next adventure, no matter if slot or roulette game , is possible in the online casino StarGames on the desktop or mobile – Top, right?

Roulette online – once played, forever fan!

Not only in the best online casinos is the game consumable. Players around the world roll the ball, for example, in forms of free roulette. So the popularity of the game keeps growing!

Finally, let’s take a look at interesting numbers of the roulette success story:

1806 … no one less than Napoleon Bonaparte Roulette allowed games in the casinos of the Paris Palais, after Louis XV. previously tried to ban the game.

666 … comes out when you multiply all roulette numbers in the kettle! That’s why the game is nicknamed “The Devils Games”.

0 … was originally not a game, as free roulette was mainly played with friends. The double zero was later introduced at the casino to increase the house edge, as it did not match any winning combination. Later, a zero was canceled in many casinos to improve the chances of the players.

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