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Poker Provider Comparison 2019: current & understandable poker tests

Real Tests & Reviews With Online Poker Comparison Of The Best Poker Sites!

The market of online poker providers is getting bigger and bigger, so it’s almost impossible to find the best poker room, or better, the best poker site without proper poker comparison. We have just taken over this task for you, because in addition to an extensive poker bonus test, we have also tested the poker providers themselves.

Best online poker site in online poker comparison on has become 888 Poker. In second and third place follow PokerStars and PartyPoker , who like 888 Poker have been on the market for years and have already gained some experience.

The most important criteria for the best poker site & a good online poker room

In order for a poker provider to actually describe itself as the best poker site or even “excellent”, it is important to meet some criteria in the poker provider comparison. The same applies to the poker bonus comparison. The most important criteria were clearly mentioned and executed in the following test. In this way, anyone can make their own online poker comparison, should that be desired.

Games selection

At the top of the poker provider test, the general game offer is highlighted. This is about as many game variants and limits as possible, which the player can use. Most rooms rely on Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and Five Card Draw. Only PokerStars, the largest provider, has even more specialized variants, such as HORSE, HOSE, Badugi and Razz. But since most of the users play Texas Hold’dem, the focus should be on them too.

Limits is about finding out what kind of player the poker provider is targeting – beginner or semi-professionals and high rollers? The same can be done for tournaments and SNGs, which is referred to as buy-ins. Most providers rely on buy-ins between 1 cent and 215 US dollars. Only rarely are more expensive tournaments organized.

Bonus offer

In addition to the game offer and the new customer bonus is important. This offers almost every room. This usually gives you a certain bonus amount on the first deposit, which is based on the percentage of the amount of the deposit up to a certain maximum. We also dedicate ourselves to the bonus offer of the different online poker rooms in a special poker bonus comparison . But is that enough to be the best poker site? It should also be mentioned here that should be placed on a good implementation, a high amount and many existing customer actions value.

Security & seriousness

In terms of security and seriousness, the point is to find out what licenses the supposedly best poker room has, how it is regulated, and where its headquarters are. But also the random number generator (RNG) in the game, the encryption of website and software are important criteria. It should be looked as possible, whether there are also by TÜV or other organizations tested elements at the respective provider.

Also under this point is the topic “Privacy”. This issue is becoming more and more explosive, especially as a result of the NSA affair that started in June 2013. How seriously privacy is taken and what happens to the data is therefore explained in the Privacy Policy. Furthermore, it is important to see if the player protection is supported and whether to carry out an identity check by means of identity card to prevent the play of minors.

Customer Service

Customer service tends to occupy a smaller area in the test, but should not be neglected. For example, it becomes important when a payment is requested. Nobody wants them to last for several days and weeks. But even if you have questions about the bonus or the game offer you want to get the most competent and quick answers. Therefore, most vendors should have at least one support e-mail address. Of course, telephone and live chat are even better.

Software & Usability

Who thinks that it already was, must remember that every poker provider also has a software (called a client), with which the actual game is made possible in the first place. This should run smoothly in a test and be best encrypted. Modern providers who also want to support players with Linux and OS X usually also offer a special download or flash version. The latter can then be started and used directly from the browser. Thus, it can also be played on PCs that have no software installed. In addition, there are more and more providers offering a mobile version. These should also be tested.

Why has 888 Poker become our test winner?

What are binary options?

The provider 888 Poker has not become test winner for no reason. So he was able to convince especially in the points game and bonus offer. The game offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and Five Card Draw. As a bonus, you have a two-tier system, which consists of a $ 88 cash bonus, which you get free of charge after signing up and a 100 percent bonus over a maximum of $ 400. You do not need a bonus code.

But also in terms of customer service, security & seriousness 888 Poker could convince us without any remaining doubts. This is partly because the provider has already been awarded several times for its support. But also the license from Gibraltar, the program 888 Safe and the use for the player protection under 888+ responsible have satisfied us. Only the traffic is not quite suitable for multitabling. In our test, 888 Poker scored 9.6 out of 10 possible points.

What factors are important when choosing the right online poker room?

Now that we’ve given you the criteria to test a poker room, it’s time to come to the right conclusions to filter out the best poker site. Especially important is the seriousness of the poker room. It should be noted that there is a valid and official license for the gambling offer. Well-known licensors are Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Antigua and Barbuda, the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom and Kahnawake.

Only then should the points Customer Service, Software & Usability be appraised. The point here is to find liquid software, competent and fast support and secure encryption. From time to time a TÜV seal or an iTech Labs Certificate can be found, which stands for a technically tested software. This seal is therefore very serious.

If the points already mentioned have all been found to be “good”, then finally the game offer and the bonus program can be viewed. However, you should always check these topics first, because whoever finds a good range of games will fall into the room too fast and may be a bit negligent when checking the licensing. Important in these two points is the presence of many game variants and limits, as well as a very quickly releasable bonus. Promotions and a VIP program are also very interesting for the best poker site.

5 questions and answers about online poker


May I play online poker in Germany?

Basically yes, because the state has not yet passed a law that prohibits or allows this situation. So you’re in a legal gray area. But fear of being persecuted by the police or prosecutors you definitely do not need to have, because there can be no crime because of the missing laws.

Do you have to pay for poker winnings or not?

In Germany, poker is considered a game of chance. Taxation should therefore not take place theoretically, since gambling does not fit into any of the five basic income tax types. However, if it is the case that more than 50 percent of the monthly income is generated with poker games and you do it sustainably, then the state provides for taxation – even in online poker. In this case, travel, buy-ins and losses can also be claimed for tax purposes. More precisely, the tax accountant knows this around the corner.

Should I always use a new customer bonus?

Since a new customer bonus at a poker provider neither prevents the payout nor affects the game, it should be used in any case. Even if it is not completely unlocked, you had the chance. In addition, all partial amounts that have already been earned can be retained. It therefore speaks against it.

What is money management?

Money management is the management of the money used for poker games. A rule of thumb is: 25 buy-ins for Fullring Cash Game, 35 buy-ins for 6-Max Cash Game, 50 buy-ins for SNGs and 100 buy-ins for MTT (multi-table tournaments). For further information you should read articles and learning articles.

Is online poker really as safe as everyone always says?

Like everything in life, online poker does not have 100% security. That’s what the incidents at Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt Poker proved. However, providers are becoming more and more reliable and secure. In this way, at least it can be promised that bots and super-users are no longer an issue. In addition, most suppliers are continuously monitored by licensors and must adhere to difficult guidelines. Ultimately, however, the poker room benefits itself by the seriousness and fairness towards its customers.

How does a new player start at 888 Poker?

Now that we’ve written everything you need to know about online poker comparison and 888 Poker as a bonus

It’s about how to start as a new player. First, the page is called by 888poker for German customers. This is possible with the PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Now the homepage appears and here you can choose between the download and the instant play. On mobile devices, the app download must always be done first.

In both cases, the new player then needs an account. This he can create within the software. So he starts the registration and enters there all necessary data for the person. Here are truthful information to make, as these serve for their own protection against fraud. If there are external or other problems with the account, verification may be required and requires the correct personal data of the player.

After successful registration, there will be a welcome e-mail and access to the tables is free. The user is initially in play money mode, since he has not made any deposit yet. This free variant of 888 Poker is available for free. Anyone who has been playing poker little or never online before can familiarize themselves with the functions and options without any risk. Online poker is much faster than the offers in the casinos. The fast pace brings its advantages and disadvantages.

When the adjustment phase is completed, the player pays a requested amount. In the case of 888poker, this is not even necessary with your own money. As mentioned in the poker provider comparison above, the poker room gives you $ 88 for free! Later, however, a transfer with own credit is required. You can only choose from recognized and reputable payment methods.

Bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets such as Neteller or PayPal, as well as prepaid solutions with prepaid cards are the most widely used. During the deposit, the $ 400 Welcome Bonus may be claimed. The new player doubles his first position after he has met the sales conditions. In addition to the generous deposit bonus for new players and the free trial credits before, there are other interesting promotions at 888poker in 2016.

To the action at the tables of 888 Poker

Now the player has settled in and internalized the software of 888 Poker. The real excitement starts now with the real money game. At the beginning a variant should be selected that has always been played. Texas Holdem as the No Limit or Fixed Limit version is the most common. Or maybe it’s Omaha Poker?

In the lobby of 888 Poker, the player can use the filter functions to quickly navigate to the appropriate tables. On the poker app, the application asks him specifically about it. Poker variant, limits and game mode decide which cash games or tournaments are on offer.

For the entry we recommend a small limit to choose and initially only one table to open. Later, more can be opened, because with Multi Tabling more money can be won in the same time. It’s worth investing in a variant, be it cash games, sit and go events or big tournaments. The specialization makes it easier to win and that in turn promotes fun.

Tip: In poker comparison 888 Poker has also become our test winner, because the company offers many exciting promotions. Not only the deposit bonus of up to $ 400 should be noticed. Many actions can be done on the side and promise a reasonable remuneration. Especially the seasonal rewards are lucrative. In most cases, the player is richly rewarded for his diligence at the tables.

So much for starting at 888 Poker as a new player. We are excited about the offer and the possibilities of the poker room. The operators have thought and rely on the numerous recreational players. Even as a VIP you can benefit from many advantages, but 888 knows about its foundation and that consists of the occasional players who return for fun.

We hope you liked our poker provider comparison. If you would like to send us questions, suggestions or criticism, you can do so via e-mail. For specific questions about promotions and 888 software technology, please contact customer service directly. We wish you a good hand every time and good luck playing online poker in the 888 Poker lobby.

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