How does a casino work?


Doing everything to attract potential punters – and your wallet – and keep them in your dependencies. The big casinos in Las Vegas operate inside luxurious, open-minded hotels that cater to their restaurants, pools and themed attractions. “The hotel is designed for people to always go through the casino on their way from one sector to another,” explains Ciro Batelli, who was previously the executive vice president of the Caesars Palace network.

With attentive service, the hotel-casino offers perks to keep potential players always near a table or gaming machine. In Las Vegas, gambling is a serious business, closely monitored by the Nevada Gaming Commission, which regulates everything from making chips to licensing employees. In Brazil, casinos have been banned since 1946.


Casino casino hotels attract more than 38 million tourists a year to Las Vegas, the gambling mecca


The colored chips make it easier to control the value of the game and stimulate the players’ “detachment” – after all, it’s easier to risk chips than real money. Those who arrive at the casino without cash can cash out at ATMs and then switch to chips


Several cameras with zoom and facial recognition systems record everything, all the time. If a cheater is caught, he is taken to see the recordings and then turned over to the police. In some casinos, there are even lip reading specialists to check if someone is cheating – so dealers can not wear a mustache!


Everyone parks for free and has drink at ease served by beautiful waitresses. According to the volume of bets, the casino offers freebies and perks, such as free lodging at the hotel and up to the cost of airfare


Roulette, craps, blackjack and baccarat are table games played by the casino, that is, the customer bets against the dealer. Poker is off the rule, with players banking bets and paying commission to the casino


The site is all designed to stimulate betting. There are only chairs at the tables or at the machines. The walls do not have windows or clocks, so that the player loses the notion of time. And the predominant color, the red, makes the place cozy and challenging


In order to keep the movement going, hotels receive everything from business conventions to televised poker championships. But what attracts most people are the boxing fights and the artistic performances, such as Cirque du Soleil shows


The pits concentrate tables of the same type of game. Each table has a dealer, who exchanges the money for chips and controls the bets. The floorman keeps an eye on the behavior of customers and up to three dealers. But it’s the pit boss who takes care of the whole pit


Easier to play – just cash in and hit the button – machines like slot machines and video poker collect 70% of the stakes. Prizes of up to $ 1200 are printed in a ticket and withdrawn in the box. Larger amounts are paid by a floorman, along with a treasurer

Cash Flow

As cash goes out of the bettor’s pocket and it ends up in the casino’s safe

1. At the request of the bettor, the dealer exchanges the money for chips

2. The dealer “sings” the value and the floorman authorizes the transaction. To exchange $ 10,000 or more, the bettor must identify himself

3. The dealer counts the notes one by one on the table to check the cameras and the bettor receives the chips

4. The money goes to a metal box labeled with the initials of the game and a number that identifies whether it is the morning, afternoon or evening shift

5. At three specific times of the day, a group of five uniformed security guards and a cashier collect the boxes under the tables

6. The boxes go to an accounting room. There, the notes are separated and the values ​​recorded before the game goes to the casino vault

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